Mission, Vision & History


The Alfred J. Gomes School opened in September of 1977 as a replacement for four turn of the century schools. At this time, the school was constructed to promote an educational philosophy that focused on an inpidual program of instruction for students that was flexible and encouraged grouping of students according to their needs.

The Gomes School was named after Alfred J. Gomes, a prominent Cape Verdean lawyer who was born on June 14, 1897 in the Cape Verde Islands. He came to New Bedford at the age of seven and was educated in the New Bedford Public School system. He worked to finance his own college education and graduated in 1923 from Boston University School of Law. After having attained this level of education, he became the first Cape Verdean born American to receive a doctor of jurisprudence degree.

After graduation, Alfred J. Gomes returned to New Bedford and became one of the city’s most prominent civic and community leaders. He was especially concerned with promoting the aspirations and betterment of the Cape Verdean people in both America and his homeland, but demonstrated specific concern for the youth of the city of New Bedford.

In 1987, the Alfred J. Gomes School opened its doors at a Magnet School, which meant the school was a school of choice that focused on the theme of Computer Technology/Preparation for Life. In 2009, the Alfred J. Gomes School was once again designated as a Magnet School. At this time, the theme was changed to, Communication Through the Arts.

Now, in 2022,  Alfred J. Gomes school has been designated as a signature school for language and global education.


We are committed to developing a community of global citizens who are academically and linguistically proficient by demonstrating cultural responsiveness, strong character and self-pride.


The Alfred J Gomes School incorporates best teaching practices that emphasize providing real-world contexts for learning in order to develop higher order thinking skills that validate students’ unique backgrounds; teaching students to become global citizens that listen, and learn from one another’s unique perspectives.

Instructional Focus:

A schoolwide instructional effort to have all students of the Alfred J Gomes Elementary School demonstrate measurable growth in the areas of language acquisition and application across all academic domains through authentic learning experiences as measured by state, district and school-based assessments. 


Alfred J. Gomes School is Focused on Every Class, Every Student, Every Day.


1. Our school will make Adequate Yearly Progress as demonstrated by student performance on the MCAS tests and attendance requirements.
2. Students at the Gomes School will meet District expectations for promotion to the next grade level as well as become productive citizens within the Gomes School Community and provide service to the community in which they live.

Ri Alfred J. Gomes Tijobal xu toro ri Ub’elej Ik’ rech 1977 chrij jun jalbal rech kajib’ tijobal rech ri majbal rech ri siglo. Chuch ri q’ïj ri’, ri tijobal are’ xbanik rech ku bano promover jun chomaj rech kutbal che are’ ku rilo jun programa individual rech no’j chke ri tijoxelab’ che are’ flexible xuquje xu bano ri agrupación rech tijoxelab’ chrij ri rajuxik chke.
Ri Gomes Tijobal are’ xya’ïk ri u b’ï’ chrij Alfred J. Gomes, jun ütz’ abogado caboverdiano che are’ xalxik ri Uwaq’ Ik’ 14, 1897 chuch ri Islas rech Cabo Verde. Re xpitik pla New Bedford jumpa are’ wukub’ ri u junab’ xuquje xkutik no’j che cham ri sistema rech Tijobal Winaq’ rech New Bedford. Re are’ xch’kunik rech xu tojo ri u kutbal universitario xuquje xu bano graduar rip ri 1923 che ri Facultad rech Derecho cham ri Universidad rech Boston. Jumpa re xu roq’ö ri jun nivel ri’ rech kutbal, re are’ xu bano ri n’ab’ë estadounidense che xalxik Cabo Verde che xu ch’äko jun doctorado chrij jurisprudencia.
Jumpa xq’äxik ri u graduación, Alfred J. Gomes xtz’lajik cham ri New Bedford rech are’ xu jalo rip chrij jun chke ri líderes cívicos xuquje comunitarios che are’ nim ubantajik cham ri tinamit. Re are’ ri u chomaj ku bano ri t’öbanik chrij aspiraciones xuquje chrij ri ütz’elal che ri winaq’ cham ri tinamit Cabo Verde chuch ri keb’ chuch América xuquje ri u tinamit che xalxik chuch, xuquje are’ xu kuto jun chomaj chrij ri q’öpoj winaq’ rech ri tinamit New Bedford.
Chuch 1987, ri Alfred J. Gomes Tijobal xu toro ri uchi’ jä chuch jun Magnet Tijobal, che are’ ri no’j chrij che ri tijobal are’ jun che ka cha’ö che are’ ku kuto ri no’j chrij ri Tecnología Informática/Kutbal rumal ri Kaslemal. Chuch 2009, ri Alfred J. Gomes Tijobal are’ xbanik jmul welt chik che are’ jun Magnet Tijobal. Chanim, ri tema xu jalo rip chuch, Comunicación Chuch ri Artes.

Chanim, chuch 2022, ri Alfred J. Gomes tijobal are’ xbanik che jun tijobal rech referencia rumal ri idioma xuquje kutbal global.

O’j are’ q’äj ubanik jun kiy’bal comunidad rech ciudadanos globales che are’ académica xuquje lingüísticamente competentes jumpa ukutik bantajik rech respuesta cultural, carácter fuerte xuquje orgullo chkij ke.

Ri Alfred J Gomes Tijobal ku kojo ri nim ütz kutbal bantajik che are’ ku bano ya’bal tz’ïbanik rech ri mundo real rumal ri kutbal rech ku bano ri kiy’bal bantajik rech chomaj rech orden superior che ku bano validar ri antecedentes únicos rech ri tijoxelab’; ukutik chke ri tijoxelab’ rech kbano ciudadanos globales che are’ ki tanik, xuquje kmajo chrij ri perpectivas únicas rech ri inkaj chik.

Enfoque Instruccional:

Jun ch’äk’ rech no’j cham jonojel ri tijobal ri tijoxelab’ rech ri Alfred J. Gomes Primaria Tijobal kuto jun ütz’ kiy’bal chuch ri áreas rech adquisición xuquje aplicación rech ri lenguaje chuch jonojel ri b’ë académico chuch ri experiencia rech etamaj auténticas chrij jas u banom medir rumal ri evaluaciones estatales, distritales xuquje cham ri tijobal. 

                          Alfred J. Gomes Tijobal are’ Ütz ku Bano Chrilik Jujun ri Clase, Jujun ri Tijoxel, Injal Q’ïj.

1. Ri Tijobal are’ ku bano jun Progreso Anual Adecuado junam jas ku kuto ri ch’äkbal rech ri tijoxelab’ chuch ri pruebas MCAS xuquje ri rajuxik chrij asistencia.
2. Ri tijoxelab’ rech ri Gomes Tijobal are’ kbano ri Chomaj rech ri Distrito rumal jun tz’junbal chuch ri junchik nivel rech grado junam ruk ubanik ciudadanos productivos cham ri Comunidad Tijobal rech Gomes xuquje uya’ïk ri servicio che ri comunidad che kolik kchoch cham.