Parent Support

Family Engagement Specialist: Gisette Mejias
(508) 997-4511  ext. 46530
[email protected]
Our mission is to promote a cooperative partnership by offering resources including connections to community assistance, workshops, and materials in
 order to establish a strong working relationship between families,
our school, and our community. 

Types of Services
Family Institute for Student Success (FISS)
   Referral Services
       Parent Workshops
     Computer Access

Especialista rech Bantajik Familiar: Gisette Mejias
(508) 997-4511  ext. 46530
Ri q’ch’äk’ are’ rech ubanik jun asociación cooperativa ruk q’tz’juj recursos che kolik cham b’ë ruk asistencia comunitaria, talleres, xuquje materiales chuch ri no’j rech ubanik jun nim bantajik rech ch’äk’  chuxol ri familias, ri tijobal, xuquje ri comunidad. 

Bantajik rech ri Servicios
Instituto Familiar rumal ri Ütz’bal che ri Tijoxel (FISS)

Servicios rech Referencia

Talleres chke Tatnan

Acceso che Computadoras