Welcome to Alfred J. Gomes  School, where students read to know and speak to grow!

                                     Academic Help        

Student Academic Help Drop In Sessions are available to ALL Gomes students in need of extra academic support. Students can leave questions by typing them in as comments and teachers will respond to them as soon as possible. On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:30, students can click on the Meeting Link and see Mrs. Fleurent Corey and receive help with their packets and any other work.
Students need to sign into their Chromebooks.
Click on the "+",
Sign in the top right corner,
Select "Join Class"
Classroom Code: 3mdfzfb

                        Teaching & Learning Platforms

New Bedford Public Schools will be closed through the end of the school year. Please click and visit the links below to be connected directly to your grade level's teaching and learning platform. Here, you will be able to communicate with your teachers and classmates to receive instruction and support during this remote learning phase while engaging in lessons, videos, and more! Please remember to also check Class Dojo daily for updates, messages, activities, Morning Announcements, and more from familiar Gomes Schools faces! We look forward to "seeing" you there! 

Kindergarten: Mrs. McCarthy & Ms. Gonsalves
Click Here to View- Kindergarten: Facebook

Kindergarten, Dual Language: Mrs. DaSilva & Mrs. Zak
Click Here to View- Kindergarten Dual Language: Facebook

1st Grade: Mrs. Hemphill, Mrs, Gussis, Mrs. Gioni, Mrs. Messier/Mrs. Swaine
Click Here to View- 1st Grade: Facebook

Sub Sep, Grades 1-2: Ms. Theriault
Click Here to View- Sub Sep, Grades 1-2: Class Dojo

2nd Grade: Mrs. Begin, Mrs. Mota, Ms. Medeiros, Ms. Gette-King
Click Here to View- 2nd Grade: Class Dojo

Sub Sep, Grades 2-3: Ms. Agan
Click Here to View- Sub Sep, Grades 2-3: YouTube

3rd Grade: Ms. DoCouto, Mrs. Ross-Ramos, Mrs. Furtado, Ms. Aubrey
Click Here to View- 3rd Grade: Google Sites

4th Grade: Ms. Lima, Ms. Goncalves, Mrs. Pimentel, Mrs. Nunes
Click Here to View- 4th Grade: YouTube

5th Grade: Mrs. Oliveira, Mrs. Fleurent-Corey, Ms. Lunn, Ms. Simoes
Click Here to View- 5th Grade: YouTube

Sub Sep, Grades 4-5: Ms. Moreau
Click Here to View- Sub Sep, Grades 4-5: YouTube

ESL, K-5: Mrs. Ragusa, Ms. Camara,  Mrs. Vieira-Griffin, Ms. O'Connell
Click Here to View- ESL, K-5: YouTube

ESL, K-2: Ms. O'Connell
Click Here to View- ESL, K-2: YouTube

ESL, 3-5: Mrs. Vieira-Griffin
Click Here to View- ESL, 3-5: YouTube

Art: Mr. Carreiro
Click Here to View- Art: YouTube

Music: Ms. Welter
Click Here to View- Music: YouTube

Band: Ms. Mello
Click Here to View- Band: Facebook
Click Here to View- Band: YouTube

Student Adjustment Counselors: Mrs. Daniels & Mrs. Sharland
Click Here to View- SAC: Class Dojo

Nurses: Laura Rapoza, Sarah Firth
Click Here to Email Nurse Laura Rapoza
Click Here to Email Nurse Sarah Firth

Students of the Month

Congratulations to our scholars who earned Student of the Month in April for keeping the Gomes spirit of being safe, kind, respectful and responsible!
Thank you to all of our families for always supporting your children!
We appreciate all that you do!

April Students of the Month
Shirley Cun-Aguilar
Ja'Veah Chaney
Liam Duratti
Alexis Garcia-Chingo 
Brian Pittsley
William Otero
Josiah Jean
Olivia Santos
Brooklyn Allain
Kelsey Paczosa
Jonathan DaSilva
Fernando Rosa
Aramis Martinez-Santos
Naysha Martinez Sanchez
Ethen Alves
Natasha Martinez Sanchez
Aiden Slavchev
Dominic Santos
Christopher Berner
Carlos Riveira
Henderson DePina
Emily Rivas-Rivera
Dereck Lopes
Jennifer Mejia
Bella Crossman
Mishaela Andrade
Sofia Ramos Rodriguez
Rosalee Medina-Gonzalez

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