Welcome to Alfred J. Gomes  School, where students read to know and speak to grow!

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Did you know you can now use an interpreter when you call Gomes?
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Covid-19: Daily Home Screenings

Please use this checklist to help you decide whether or not sending your child to school is safe for them and the people around them 

Home Screening English.docx
Home Screening Spanish.docx
Home Screening Portuguese.docx
Home Screening K'iche.docx

Our Wonderful Staff

Family Engagement Specialist: Mrs. Fernandes 
Kindergarten: Mrs. McCarthy, Ms. Gonsalves, Mrs. DaSilva, Mrs. Zak

1st Grade: Mrs. Hemphill, Mrs, Gussis, Mrs. Gioni, Mrs. Messier

2nd Grade: Mrs. Begin, Mrs. Mota, Ms. Medeiros, Mr. Saltos

Sub Sep, Grades K-2: Ms. Theriault

3rd Grade: Ms. DoCouto, Mrs. Ross-Ramos, Mrs. Furtado, Ms. Aubrey

4th Grade: Ms. Goncalves, Mrs. Pimentel, Mrs. Nunes, Ms. Donovan
Sub Sep, Grades 3-4: Ms. Agan

5th Grade: Mrs. Oliveira, Mrs. Fleurent-Corey, Ms. Simoes, Ms. Peters

Sub Sep, Grade 5: Mrs. DaRosa

Special Education: Mrs. Mabwa, Ms. Moreau, Mrs. Delano, Mrs. Bell

SPED Facilitators: Mrs. Rodrigues, Mrs. Plante

TLS: Mrs. Scanlon, Mrs. Valerius 

Reading Specialist: Mrs. Magoni

ESL, K-5: Ms. Camara,  Mrs. Vieira-Griffin, Ms. O'Connell, Ms. Holts, Mr. Conceicao

ESL, K-2: Ms. O'Connell

ESL, 3-5: Mrs. Vieira-Griffin

Art: Mr. Carreiro

Music: Ms. Welter

Health:  Mr Hill

Physical Education
: Mr. Tetreault

 STEM: Ms. Lima

  Mrs. Quaintance

Research Lab:
 Mrs. Flowers

Band: Ms. Mello

Student Adjustment Counselors: Mrs. Daniels & Mrs. Sharland

Nurses: Laura Rapoza, Sarah Firth

Students of the Month

Students will earn Student of The Month for keeping the spirit of being safe, kind, respectful, and responsible alive! 

Antonia Cruz Chach, Emily Orellana, Joy Nundah, Jasmine Crowley, Alexander Torres, Helton DeBarros, Kamilla Barbosa, Anya Wilkinson, Yelitza Mateo Inoa, Hedine DePina, Antony Cuba, Tiana Maxim, Arianna Dixon, Jayden Garcia Cruz, Samiah Baptista, Edvin Chivalan, Nelson Monroig, Brooklynn Ellenwood, Darian Miranda, Emily Rivas-Rivera,  Tristhan Medina Alvarado, Charlotte Otero, Sherlyn Gutierrez, Katiana Morales Mendez, Anderson Garcia Chingo, Brian DaRosa, Emilia Ferry, Lois Wells, Jennifer Abarca Orrego 

Important Information
and Updates

Cohort information will be shared with families this week. 

September 10th

~ALL students begin Remote Learning

~Cohort A: Begins in person learning 5 days a week

October 5th
Kindergarten returns to school for Hybrid Learning

~Cohort B1: Monday/Tuesday
(in person)

~Cohort B2:
(in person) 

~Cohort B3:
Dual Language Kinder
(in person)

October 19th
ALL students return for
Hybrid Model

~Cohort C1:
(in person)

~Cohort C2:
(in person)