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Welcome to Gomes Elementary!

Welcome to the Alfred J. Gomes Signature School for Language and Global Education 

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Picture Day

Tuesday November 8, 2022
Picture Day Flyer
You can still order your child's photo by:
-sending in envelopes through the end of the week
-ordering online using the code
-previewing pictures which will be posted in about two weeks and can be ordered at that time  

Gomes news

Gomes Grinds
Mrs. Darosa and Ms. Williams' 4-5 grade class has started selling coffee, tea, and hot cocoa to staff members. They are learning important life skills and spreading joy throughout the school. Way to go! 
Did you know?
Gomes school students wrote persuasive essays to our Principal, Mrs. Gallant and our Superintendent, Mr. Anderson to convince them to allow a therapy dog at our school. Thanks to their hard work, as well as the support of Mrs. Furtado, Mrs. Cabral, and Mrs. Gallant Gomes School is the first school in New Bedford to have a therapy dog (Thank you Ms. Olsen and Maize) visit weekly for students to enjoy! You may have seen them at our last carnival. Read more about it here

2022 Vocabulary Parade

Introducing the 2022-2023 Dawg Cage Team
dawg cage

Every Friday students are welcome to bring in money to buy items at our school store: The Dawg Cage. Students can buy pencils, erasers, and other small items as well as clothing that shows schools and city pride! There are adult sizes too!

Gomes Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15th - October 15th

 Thank you to our amazing bilingual community readers and everyone who made our Hispanic Heritage Celebration so fantastic! 

Thank you Superflat NB and artist Jacob Ginga who brought the vision of our students to life with this stunning mural! The beautiful and colorful butterflies highlights the different cultures that our students come from and reflect the migration of many of our families, while the ocean waves represent the connections that we all share with each other. 

Gomes School is lucky to have these amazing teachers from Spain as members of our super team! Having staff that come from different countries helps our whole community get a global education. 

Resources for Families 

SNAP Benefits and Housing

Family Engagement Center is here to help, Click Here for more information.

Did you know you can use an interpreter when you call Gomes?

Follow these steps!
1. Dial the nbps number: 508-997-4511.
2. Dial the gomes extension 46550.
3. Tell the secretary on the phone what your preferred language is (for example "spanish").
4. The secretary will put you on a brief hold as they contact the interpreter. 
5. You will be in a conference call with the school secretary and an interpreter in your preferred language.

Our Wonderful Staff


Ellyn Gallant

Assistant Principal

Jennifer Messier


Melissa Scanlon

Irma Valerius


Elizabeth Couto

Tiannah Texeira

Nursing Staff

Laura Rapoza

Sarah Firth

Erica Kruger- health care representative

Parent Support Specialist

Gisette Mejias

School Adjustment Counselors

Cheri Sharland

Shawn Dias

SPED Facilitators

Hollie Rodrigues

Maryanna Plante


Related service

Lauren Hayden- SLP Jessica Bettencourt- SLP

Melissa Root- Vision

Danielle Tremblay - OT

Christine Mederios- ABA


Kelly Lawson


Sara McCarthy

Melissa Himberg

Kindergarten Dual

Monica DaSilva (English)

Maria Zak (Spanish)

Grade 1

Kara Messier

Erica Swain

Grade 1 Dual

Emily Manson (English)

Natalia Gioni (Spanish)

Grade 2

Nina Medeiros Jennifer Goncalves

Grade 2 Dual

Jzanev DeLuca (English)

Magdalena Codes Flores (Spanish)

Grade 3

Alexis Aubrey

Emily Garcia

Grade 3 Dual

Vicki Harris (English)

Jose Medina Lopez (Spanish)

Grade 4

Stacey Nunes

Kathleen Pimental

Grade 4 Dual

Terry McVay (English) Glen Saltos (Spanish)

Grade 5

Danielle Simoes

Kayla Fleurent-Corey

Kelly Donovan

Zachary Balkam

Sub Sep

Joy Goodine(K-2)

Kayla Reynolds (3-4)

Maegan DaRosa (4-5)

SPED Tutors

Sina Mabwa

Danielle Moreau

Christine Delano

Caroline Bell

Catherine Verdadeiro Meaghan Gibney


Philomena Docouto

Amy Furtado Laura Sebastia Alexis Magoni

EL teachers

John Conceicao

Nicole Junkas

Laura Soldevila

Amie Earp

Elena Moya Laura Sanchez-Robles Gracia Moreno


Sara Mello- instrumental (Gomes/Carney/Brooks)

Bobby Tetreault- Physical Education

Melissa Aviles- Art

Rebecca Bobek- Music

Ann-Marie Quaintance- Library/IMC

Matt Hill- Health 

Anne Farris – STEM/PBL

Building Based Subs

Lindsey Collyer Victoria Olsen




Elizabeth Azevedo-Flowers


Cheryl Reis

Beatriz Sousa

Dual Language

Florentina Fernandes- K

Cheney Hagerup-K

Cassandra-Jo Botelho- 1 Ana Otero- 1

Susan Norales- 2

Elvia Acosta-Lebeau- 2

Maritza Gallagher- 3

Yvonne Houtman- 3 Mabel Martin- 4 Sandra Eckenreiter- 4

Small group

Vanessa Riley Stephany Carreiro

Sub Sep classroom

Linda Williams

Sue Bowman

Sonia Borges


Sandra Cabral

Sol Guzman


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Upcoming Events


Students of the Month

Students will earn Student of The Month for keeping the spirit of being safe, kind, respectful, and responsible alive! 




School News

Gomes Gazette

September Gomes Gazette

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In Loving Memory of Elaine Santos
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Message from principal Gallant

Message from principal

Dear Gomes School Families and Community,

Thank you for visiting our website, and welcome to The Alfred J. Gomes School for Language and Global Education!

We call our community the “Gomes School Family” because we want our school family to be an extension of your family. We want to serve you in times of joy, happiness, and triumph, but also in times of challenge, grief, and struggle. Academic learning and growth are our bottom line, yet we also understand that educating students means being attentive to the “whole child” and caring about their social and emotional well-being.

Our teachers and staff are dedicated to providing your child with the best educational experience throughout their time at Gomes School. We value having parents/ guardians as partners, contributing to your child learning, growth, and development as well as to our positive school culture.

Please visit The Gomes School Facebook page as well as the NBPS Facebook page. We update these pages regularly with updates and important information.

Our website is also a valuable source of information. Every message that we send out to families can be found on our website, along with our newsletters and other important information.

The Alfred J. Gomes Elementary School is a place of learning, belonging, growth, and support for students, families, and community where we ALL strive to demonstrate Safe, Kind, Respectful and Responsible behaviors each and every day. Thank you for being a part of our community and school!

Ms. Gallant  


Estimadas Familias y Comunidad de la Escuela Gomes, ¡Gracias por visitar nuestra página web, y bienvenidos a la Escuela Elemental Alfred J. Gomes! Le llamamos a nuestra comunidad escolar la “Familia de la Escuela Gomes” porque queremos que nuestra familia escolar sea una extensión de su familia. Queremos servirle a usted en tiempo de gozo, felicidad y triunfo, pero también en tiempos de reto, aflicción y lucha. Nuestro objetivo es el crecimiento y aprendizaje académico, pero también entendemos que educar a los estudiantes significa estar atentos al “niño completo” y preocuparnos por su bienestar social y emocional. Nuestros maestros y personal están dedicados a proveerle a su niño(a) la mejor experiencia educativa durante su tiempo en la Escuela Gomes. Nosotros valoramos a los padres/encargados como colaboradores, que contribuyen al aprendizaje, crecimiento y desarrollo de su niño(a) además de una cultura escolar positiva.

Por favor visite la página de Facebook de la Escuela Gomes además de la página de Facebook del NBPS. Actualizamos estas páginas regularmente con notificaciones e información importante.

Nuestra página web es también un recurso valioso de información. Cada mensaje que enviamos a nuestras familias pueden ser encontrados en nuestra página web, además de los boletines y otra información importante.

La Escuela Elemental Alfred J. Gomes es un lugar de aprendizaje, de pertenecer, de crecimiento y de apoyo para los estudiantes, familias y la comunidad donde TODOS nos esforzamos por demostrar comportamientos Seguros, Amables, Respetuosos y Responsables cada día. ¡Gracias por ser parte de nuestra comunidad y escuela!

Sinceramente,   Sra. Gallant

Caras Famílias e Comunidade da Escola Gomes Obrigado por visitar o nosso site e bem-vindo à Escola Primária Alfred J. Gomes!

Chamamos à nossa comunidade escolar a "Família da Escola Gomes" porque queremos que a nossa família escolar seja uma extensão da sua família. Queremos servi-lo em tempos de alegria, felicidade e triunfo, mas também em momentos de desafio, dor e luta. A aprendizagem académica e o crescimento são o nosso resultado final, mas também entendemos que educar os alunos significa estar atento à "criança completa" e cuidar do seu bem-estar social e emocional. Os nossos professores e funcionários dedicam-se a proporcionar à sua criança a melhor experiência educativa durante o seu tempo na Escola Gomes. Valorizamos ter pais/encarregados como parceiros, contribuindo para a aprendizagem, crescimento e desenvolvimento da sua criança, assim como para a nossa cultura escolar positiva. Visite a página de Facebook da Gomes School (Escola Gomes), assim como a página de Facebook da NBPS (Escolas Públicas de New Bedford). Atualizamos estas páginas regularmente com atualizações e informações importantes. O nosso site é também uma valiosa fonte de informação. Cada mensagem que enviamos às famílias pode ser encontrada no nosso site, juntamente com os nossos boletins informativos e outras informações importantes. A Escola Primária Alfred J. Gomes é um local de aprendizagem, pertença, crescimento e apoio aos alunos, famílias e comunidade onde todos nos esforçamos para demonstrar comportamentos seguros, amáveis, respeitosos e responsáveis todos os dias. Obrigado por fazer parte da nossa comunidade e da nossa escola!

Sinceramente,  Sra. Gallant

Jonojel Gomes Tijobal Familias xuquje Common, Maltiox chawe kat pitik cham ri sitio web, xuquje utz’ ipetik cham Ri Alfred J. Gomes Primaria Tijobal! O’j q’ch’abej ruk ri b’i’ ri tijobal common ruk “Gomes Tijobal Familia” are’ che o’j q’aj che ri tijobal familia are’ jun ch’q’ap che ri q’familia. O’j q’aj kuj ch’kunik awuk chuch ri b’e jumpa ri kit’bal, tz’enbal, xuquje jumpa kat ch’kanik, xuquje jumpa ri q’ij rech nim ch’ak’, kaxil xuquje jumpa ka tijo uq’il ri bantajik. Ri kutbal académico xuquje ri kiy’bal are’ ri jasach che q’aj chuch ri kisbal, xuquje are’ q’etam che ri kutbal chke ri tijoxel are’ ri no’j chrij utz’ q’bano chu rilik che ri “jonojel chrij ri ak’al” xuquje uch’jixik chrij ri utz’bal social xuquje chrij ri u nat’bal chuch ri u k’ux. Ri jonojel ri ajtij xuquje ajch’ak’ are’ nim ki ch’kunik rech kya’o che ri ak’al ri nim ut’z kutbal bantajik chuch ri k’b’e cham ri Gomes Tijobal. O’j q’maltioxij che kolik q’uk ri tatnan/ajchjijne che are’ q’ch’bil, ruk t’obanik chrij ri ak’al kutbal, kiy’bal, xuquje chri ri kutbal no’j xuquje chrij ri tijobal cultura che are’ utz’. Bana’ jun t’oq’op ja wila’ Ri Gomes Tijobal página rech Facebook xuquje utz’ mis ri NBPS página rech Facebook. O’j q’ajo uwuch ruk k’ak’ no’j ri páginas ri’ injal jb’iq’ q’ij xuquje ruk nim ubantajik no’j. Ri q’sitio web are’ mis jun nim uwuch’ ch’ak’bal rech no’j. Ri jujun tz’ij tz’ibanik che o’j q’taq’o chke ri familias are’ kix konik ki roq’o cham ri sitio web, junam ruk ri wuj rech no’j xuquje inkaj chik nim ubantajik no’j. Ri Alfred J. Gomes Primaria Tijobal are’ jun kolbal rech kutbal, a wech at, kiy’bal, xuquje t’obanik chke ri tijoxel, familias, xuquje common che cham JONOJEL o’j q’bano ri utz’ bantajik chri ri kutbal rech Seguridad, Amabilidad, Respeto xuquje rech Responsabilidad jumpa cham ri q’ij xuquje injal q’ij. Maltiox chawe rumal ka bano ch’q’ap che ri common xuquje ri tijobal!

Nim Maltiox,   Ms. Gallant
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